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The Internet of Things – IoT – may seem like an all-embracing futuristic idea, but it’s very much with us today, and IT decision-makers need to be thinking about this now. While applications are becoming commonplace in the consumer world – think ”smart home” – IoT adoption is growing quickly in the enterprise. Given that IoT is all about collecting and sharing data from a broad range of endpoints, this trend is very relevant for federal government agencies where data security is paramount.

At the heart of this for IT is ensuring that the data flowing to and from these “things” can be trusted. We’re still at the early stages of IoT, and the security threats are already apparent, but we don’t even know what future threats will look like as things evolve. As such, IT needs to create security awareness around IoT, especially for protecting data at the network edge. There will soon be too many IoT-enabled network access points for IT to manage, and a data security strategy is needed to protect the integrity of the edge devices, components, endpoints, etc. This Insight Brief will outline two components to build that strategy around.



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