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Klas Telecom Government


Klas Telecom Government provides low size, weight and power (SWaP) deployable communications solutions to meet the needs of government and military communicators in any operational environment. Klas Telecom Government enables operators to do more with less by delivering tactical and executive communications systems specifically designed for ultimate ruggedization, flexibility and scalability. Klas Telecom Government’s capabilities include product design and configuration, network management, solutions development, fielding, and training. The company employs dedicated personnel who offer engineering and support 24/7/365. Klas Telecom Government is a U.S. subsidiary of Klas Telecom and was founded in 2009 to manage and effectively address U.S. government and federal requirements at all classification levels.


Thales TCT’s KeySecure for Government and ProtectConnect suite of data-at-rest encryption products integrate with Klas Telecom Government’s Voyager produces to provide the critical security needed in a tactical environment.


Klas Telecom Government Voyager and SafeNet AT KeySecure and ProtectConnect

Klas Telecom Government’s Voyager product line is a modular and scalable networking system of systems designed to meet the requirements of military, government and public safety communicators in any operational environment. Voyager comprises a range of common form-factor, rugged, low SWaP, Cisco-based networking modules and chassis for use across the full spectrum of deployment platforms and operational environments. With Voyager, users can remotely access secure resources from anywhere in the world. Voyager solutions enable commanders, operators, and support personnel to exchange information both statically and on the move. Critically, Voyager’s modular and scalable architecture allows reorganization of support packages based on mission analysis, with a flexibility unique to the market.

Thales TCT’s KeySecure for Government and its ProtectConnect suite of data-at-rest encryption offerings combine to provide enterprise level security in the tactical environment.   KeySecure manages the cryptographic keys and associated policies for the ProtectConnect products that encrypt data at the application, database, file or virtual machine level.  KeySecure also combines with Thales TCT’s ProtectSED product to offer centrally managed keys used to unlock self-encrypting drives.