2023 Cloud Security Report – Fact or Fiction?

Panel Session

Time: 10:30 AM – 11:30 AM


Session Description:

The 2023 Thales Global Cloud Security Study reinforces the fact that the world has become cloud-first and that while overall cloud security posture has improved year-over-year, there is still work to be done. Multi-cloud is now the rule, not the exception. Each additional cloud provider brings new security controls and data protection models to learn and implement. There is still work to be done to simplify and secure cloud operations, especially when it comes to addressing human error.

Cloud security experts will discuss and debate the key findings from the Cloud Security Study during this panel sessions.  They will share their insight into topics including:

  • Multi-cloud use and SaaS diversity are growing but how is it impacting security?
  • Is human error the leading cause of cloud data breaches?
  • Significant amounts of sensitive cloud-stored data are unencrypted. What data protection measures are place? Are these measures sufficient?
  • How does data sovereignty affect security and operational complexity?