Defense-in-depth security for U.S. Federal agencies. Imperva helps authorities prevent cyber attacks, identify insider threats, and achieve data compliance – in the cloud or on premise.

Imperva solutions address the government’s mission-critical challenges

  • Application Security in Government. Keeping sensitive data secure by protecting Applications, APIs, securing functions, and blocking attacks with precision.
  • Complex Data Regulations. Avoiding penalties by staying compliant with cross-border data protection regulations and processes.
  • Cloud Migration. Ensuring painless movement of data center capabilities into the cloud – with AWS, Google Cloud, or Azure.
  • Sensitive Data Exposure. Averting malicious access to sensitive data across on-premises and multi-cloud infrastructure

How Imperva can help

  • Protect and monitor sensitive Government data. Imperva Data Security solutions protect high volumes of sensitive citizen data, wherever they live, to safeguard managed databases and mitigate against data theft.
  • Migrate to the cloud with confidence and compliance. Imperva security solutions help mitigate risk and secure assets whether on-prem, in the cloud or in a hybrid environment, ensuring a successful and efficient transition while remaining secure and compliant.
  • Ease the burden of data privacy compliance. Ensure privacy compliance with regulations protecting citizens’ data, while facilitating easy control over how personal data is collected, used, and shared.

Imperva solutions are available for sale to the U.S. Federal Government through Thales TCT.

Protect all data types with Data Security Fabric – the first enterprise-scale, multicloud, hybrid solution.

 Imperva Application Security helps U.S. Federal Agencies stay one step ahead of the cybercriminals.

Imperva WAF stops attacks with near-zero false positives.


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