Imperva Web Application Firewall

Web application attacks prevent important transactions and steal sensitive data. Imperva Web Application Firewall (WAF) stops these attacks with near-zero false positives and a global SOC to ensure your organization is protected from the latest attacks minutes after they are discovered in the wild.

Reduce false positives with Imperva Web Application Firewall

Protect without WAF false positives

False positives forces a choice between blocking legitimate traffic or staying in monitor mode forever. Imperva Research Labs ensures precision for customers, giving them confidence to block as the threat landscape evolves.

90+%of our customers deploy in blocking mode

WAF security automations

Automatic policy creation and fast rule propagation empower your security teams to use third-party code without risk while working at the pace of DevOps.

70+%of a web app is risky third-party code

Web Application Firewall

Imperva’s Web Application Firewall (WAF) provides out-of-the-box security for your web applications. It detects and prevents cyber threats, ensuring seamless operations and peace of mind. Protect your digital assets with Imperva’s robust, industry-leading solution.

Imperva WAF is available for sale to the U.S. Federal Government through Thales TCT.

Web Application and API Protection

Imperva WAF is a key component of a comprehensive Web Application and API Protection (WAAP) stack that secures from edge to database, so the traffic you receive is only the traffic you want.

We provide the best website protection in the industry – PCI-compliant, automated security that integrates analytics to go beyond OWASP Top 10 coverage, and reduces the risks created by third-party code.

Imperva Web Application Firewall Can Secure:

  • Active and legacy applications
  • Third-party applications
  • APIs & Microservices
  • Cloud applications, containers, VMs and more

Imperva WAF service that works everywhere

Deploy Imperva WAF on-premises, in AWS, Azure, and GCP, or as a cloud service. Easily secure each application while meeting its specific service level requirement.

We meet your unique needs by delivering our security solutions as a service or self-managed option. We make sure you stay protected without disrupting your innovation delivery pipeline from modern threats including advance bots and API attacks.

Out-of-the-box rules for protection by default enable Imperva WAF’s real-time technologies to close the loop on constantly changing attack patterns.

Centralize your configuration with a single stack approach, providing simplicity in provisioning, security and performance that go hand-in-hand to ensure better business continuity with fewer false positives.

Insights & SEIMS

  • Amazon S3
  • Micro Focus
  • Alient Vault
  • Splunk Phantom
  • LogRhythm
  • Elastic
  • Graylog
  • IBM QRadar
  • McAfee

APIs & Integrations

  • PagerDuty
  • Terraform
  • Demisto
  • GitHub
  • Splunk Phanton


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