Thales TCT Solutions for Securing Federal Heathcare Data

Digitalization enable expansion of patient-centric care and healthcare R&D

Federal healthcare agencies have been eagerly adopting new transformative technologies. Once slow to adopt, federal healthcare agencies have, even before the pandemic, been rapidly embracing digitalization to enable patient-centric care that is more effective for patients and safer for patients, healthcare professionals and researchers.

From multi-cloud infrastructures to SaaS applications to proliferation of connected medical devices and the internet of medical things (IoMT), the ability to collect data in real time together with the massive processing power of the cloud provide the opportunity for dramatically improved decision making.

While the digitalization of federal healthcare agencies has led to better patient care, it has also made these agencies potentially more vulnerable to attacks by cybercriminals. The main cause of vulnerabilities is complexity. The sheer number off new platforms and technologies being adopted dramatically expands the attack surface, and creates challenges for the protection of different environments. The end result is that more sensitive data could be at risk in more platforms.

How Thales TCT Can Help

Thales TCT enables federal healthcare agencies to accelerate digital transformation by reducing risk, complexity, and cost.

Scale Security Across
Enterprise Hybrid IT

Automate and streamline data and identity protection with scalable solutions for multiple use cases

digital transformation

Adopt innovations such as cloud, big data, AI, and IoMT faster with a framework for a zero-trust world

Risk and Complexity

Simplify privacy compliance with centralized data governance and de-identified sensitive data for HIPAA-HITECH, PCI DSS, etc.


Thales TCT’s authentication solutions control access to a range of medical systems and enable regulatory compliance. Our solutions can be used not only to authenticate to EHR systems on premises but also to secure remote access to EHRs for practitioners working off premises.

Thales TCT’s encryption and key management solutions provide healthcare institutions with a single extensible framework for protecting both structured and unstructured healthcare data under the diverse requirements of healthcare institutions, across the broadest range of OS platforms, databases, cloud environments and big data implementations. Our solutions render patient data unusable to attackers improves compliance with data privacy mandates.

Thales TCT’s hardware security modules (HSMs), designed specifically for the U.S. Federal Government, provide high assurance protection of identities used to grant physical and logical access to users. HSMs also help protect transactions and applications, ensure data integrity, secure the IoT, and maintain an audit trail.

Thales TCT’s high-performance network encryption solutions persistently protect information, ensure control beyond location or boundary, streamline operations, facilitate disaster recovery, and reduce compliance costs.

White Paper: High Assurance Encryption for Healthcare Network Data