Enterprise Network Security Management

Management solutions to administer security across heterogeneous networks

Thales TCT offers the Security Management Center (SMC) and the Thales Encryptor Manager CM7 (CM7) management platforms to centrally manage the entire suite of Thales Network Encryptors. SMC and CM7 can be configured as a Certificate Authority for Thales encryptors running on your network.

Security Management Center (SMC)

SMC is a robust, Web-based management platform that enables administrators to work with an intuitive interface for visualizing and managing network security. The platform can be used to remotely configure, update, authenticate, and monitor Thales High Speed Encryptors. With its comprehensive support for managing keys, certificates, and policies, SMC represents a comprehensive platform that eliminates the need to set up a separate PKI environment for network encryption platforms.

Thales Encryptor Manager CM7

CM7 is an element manager designed for smaller deployments. The product offers an intuitive interface for configuring, managing, and monitoring encryptors.


CM7 Network Manager Product Brief
Security Management Center Product Brief