Customer Support

Thales Trusted Cyber Technologies (TCT) data security products are designed and built to provide the strongest security mechanisms available to keep your agency secure. Our technical support experts provide our customers with a variety of services including troubleshooting, problem resolutions, and recovery advice. Additionally, customers can rely on our technical support team to help them maintain their products at the latest level of functionality. Thales TCT’s support team is fully cleared to support levels 1-3.


Thales TCT customer support can be reached at any time via phone or email:

Phone: 1-866-307-7233
General Email:
Premium Customers:


With Thales TCT’s Customer Support Portal, customers with active service contracts can:

  • Access to our extensive knowledge base for self-service support
  • Submit and track service requests

Need access to the Support Portal?

Premium Customers: Need access to the Support Portal?