Identity & Access Management

As agencies transition from outdated, legacy applications and infrastructure, security concerns are ever present. This is especially evident in the surge in various attack vectors against cloud and on-premises infrastructures, many of which have led to massive data breaches. As a result, IT teams are seeking streamlined methods of centrally defining and enforcing access controls to manage security and compliance in a consistent manner across their cloud and on-premises applications. Securing access to these deployments is critical.

Identities are the cornerstone of a Zero Trust Architecture (ZTA). With apps, services and data in the cloud, everyone is literally an outsider. Establishing and enforcing a robust identity and access security policy enables agencies to safeguard the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of their assets both in the cloud and on-premises.

Ensure Secure Access for  More Users and More Apps with Powerful Authentication and Access Management

Thales TCT offers authentication solutions that address the evolution of identities. From traditional high assurance and commercial-off-the-shelf authentication solutions to first-of-a-kind hardware security module-based identity credentials, Thales TCT offers the most secure, certificate-based authentication platforms available to the U.S. Federal Government.

Universal Authentication Methods Widely Deployed Across Federal Agencies

Thales TCT provides universal authentication methods through wide-range authenticators including certificate-based smart cards and tokens, OTP hardware authenticators, tokenless authenticators, and more. Thales TCT offers both its own line of government-specific, high assurance authentication solutions and Thales CPL’s commercial-of-the-shelf SafeNet authentication solutions.

Provide Simple, Secure Access to all your Apps with Authentication Everywhere

Allowing you to address numerous use cases, assurance levels and threat vectors, Thales TCT authenticators are supported by access management platforms which offer uniform, centralized policy management—delivered in the cloud or on premises. Supporting software solutions include SafeNet Trusted Access (STA) and SafeNet Authentication Service, access management and authentication services, and SafeNet Authentication Client Middleware, for certificate-based authentication.  Thales partners with 3rd-party CMS vendors to offer the most comprehensive identity access and authentication management solutions.

Authentication Solutions

Access Management

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Multi-Factor Authentication

Universal Authentication Methods


Luna Credential System

HSM-Secured Identity Credentials


High Assurance Authentication

 Certificate-based authenticators approved for Government use