SafeNet Authentication Service Private Cloud Edition

SafeNet Authentication Service Private Cloud Edition is an on-premises authentication platform making authentication easy and cost effective to implement and manage. Our approach has been to design a solution which takes away many of the traditional pain points in authentication.

SafeNet Authentication Service Private Cloud Edition (PCE) can be used to protect access to a variety of access points within your global infrastructure and supports for more than 200 out of the box pre-tested configurations with the leading VPN, SSL VPN, IAM, SaaS, PaaS and VDI solutions. Third party solutions are protected via SAML, RADIUS, Agents or APIs. The solution protects a wide variety of devices, and allows a wide variety of token types to be available to match user needs.

SafeNet Authentication Service Private Cloud Edition is available for sale to the U.S. Federal Government exclusively through Thales Trusted Cyber Technologies.


SafeNet Authentication Service PCE is used by hundreds of commercial and governmental organizations and enterprises around the world as a core part of their Identity and Access Management strategy for some very simple reasons:

  • Strong authentication can be provided anywhere, to anyone where a password is used and through support of industry standards such as RADIUS and SAML and the availability of API’s and agents for other applications
  • We support the widest range of authentication methods providing the flexibility to choose the right token type for each individual’s needs
  • We support 3rd party tokens ensuring existing investment in tokens is maintained and providing a seamless migration for end users
  • The comprehensive degree of automation drastically reduces the cost of management and administration, in some most cases leading to a TCO saving of up to 60%
  • Tokens do not expire and can be re-issued to new users, further reducing costs and administrative burden
  • Users can have more than one token with no extra charge beyond the cost of the token, providing support for users with multiple devices
  • A comprehensive self-service portal allows users to carry out many functions that traditionally needed support from the help desk


Product Brief: SafeNet Authentication Service Private Cloud Edition