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White Paper: Understanding Data Security for SAP


SAP provides the operational lifeblood of many enterprises with SAP modules providing essential functions that run the gamut from enterprise resource ...

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White Paper: Protecting sensitive data in and around SAP HANA


On the surface, encrypting the database instance using SAP native encryption would appear to be sufficient to protect data at rest within the SAP HANA...

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White Paper: The Importance of KMIP Standard for Centralized Key Management


Today, protecting sensitive data is a fundamental requirement in virtually every business. What’s also nearly universal is this: operations and securi...

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White Paper: The Case for Centralized Multicloud Encryption Key Management


Is the glass half-full or half-empty? We’ve been publishing the Data Threat Report, and some form of the above statistics, for many years. From the op...

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White Paper: The Key Pillars for Protecting Sensitive Data in Any Organization


This white paper outlines the challenges of data security in this age of data proliferation. It also provides strategies to discover and classify your...

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White Paper: Securing the Keys to the Kingdom with Splunk and Thales


This paper examines the use of Splunk as the platform to collect and index machine data from virtually any source, regardless of its location. Then, w...

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White Paper: Key Management


This white paper looks back at the evolution of encryption and key management systems, and examines the key challenges faced by IT teams around encryp...

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Industry Insight: Supply Chain Risk Management


Supply chain risk management (SCRM) has long been a key element of the manufacturing process, but as technology advances, the risk management challeng...

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White Paper: Splunk and Thales Industry Standard Protection for Your Log Data


In this paper, we will examine how CipherTrust Transparent Encryption from Thales secures the Splunk log repositories and databases. Then, we will sho...

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Research Study: Security Weaknesses in Data in Motion Identified in Cybersecurity Survey


In today’s environment of exponential growth in the volumes of data in motion over networks, increasingly sophisticated and state sponsored cybercrime...

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