Vortiro Secure File Gateway for Web Applications


Whether it’s contracts, claims or applications, accepting uploaded files from the web is necessary for your business to run. But there’s no telling where these files came from, or what threats could be hiding inside them. Today’s detection-based tools simply aren’t designed to catch every threat, which means one dangerous upload could mean a major disaster for an organization.

Votiro Secure File Gateway for Web is available for sale to the U.S. Federal Government exclusively through Thales Trusted Cyber Technologies.


Secure File Gateway singles out only the elements of files known to be fully secure, guaranteeing each and every upload is 100% safe. Now every organization can accept every upload without ever wondering if they are exposed or at risk.

Built with deep expertise in the architecture of every file format, Votiro’s Secure File Gateway for web applications connects with all applications through API, and understands and protects all file types uploaded—from .ppt, docs, pdfs and image files. Powered by Positive Selection technology, Votiro’s Secure File Gateway protects from even the most obscure, challenging file types that no NGAV or Sandbox can possibly detect.

Know every upload
is completely safe

Be more productive
with zero interruptions

Protect your
bottom line

Ensures every uploaded file is harmless before it enters your organization.

Works without any latency, protecting files invisibly in the background.

Prevents the potential loss of revenue due to losing business-critical files.

Phase 1: Identify the File Format

Every file must adhere to strict, vendor-based specifications that are unique to that particular file format. Positive Selection technology uses an intelligent fingerprinting technique that identifies a file’s content type and format based on file structure and characteristics.

Phase 2: Generate a New Version of the File

Positive Selection technology then generates a new, clean template of the file and imports over the content from the original file while leaving behind exploits and malicious objects. This regenerated, safe version of the file, based on known good templates from the file vendors, ensures that all the content (including active content and embedded objects) is kept in its original format while preserving file functionality.

Macros, scripts, OLE objects, and all other elements are sanitized and regenerated into the new file as usable elements, neutralizing any exploitation attempts. This process ensures that both the user experience and file security remain intact. All files—suspicious or not—go through this process, which takes less than a second and is invisible from the user’s point of view.

Phase 3: Use the New File

All malicious code and exploit threats are sanitized, and the new file preserves the integrity and functionality of the original file. The file is now safe to save, edit, use, and share.

  • Easy Implementation in less Than 10 Minutes
  • Seamless Integration With Existing Solutions
  • Zero training required
  • Supports Both Cloud & On-Prem
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