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The encryption process generates cryptographic keys which are used to lock (encrypt) and unlock (decrypt) data. Cryptographic keys are the keys to the kingdom. Large volumes of encrypted data yield copious amounts of cryptographic keys which need to be managed, stored, and secured efficiently.  If they are compromised, attackers can gain access to encrypted information.

Complete security depends on cryptographic key management. With Thales TCT cryptographic key management solutions, organizations can centrally, efficiently, and securely manage and store cryptographic keys and policies—across the key management lifecycle and throughout the enterprise.

Cryptographic Key Management Solutions

Hardware Security Modules

Protect the cryptographic infrastructure by securely managing, processing, and storing cryptographic keys inside a hardened, tamper resistant device. 

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Enterprise Key Management

Streamline and strengthen key management in cloud and enterprise environments over a diverse set of use cases.

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Cloud Key Management

Minimize the complexity and risk of key management for your cloud services' encryption.

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Tactical & SMB Key Management

Protect and manage mission critical keys with a cost-effective solution for small to medium sized deployments.

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