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The DoDIN APL, maintained by the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA), is a consolidated list of products that have been certified for use on Department of Defense networks. DoDIN APL certification effectively gives listed products DISA’s seal of approval and signifies the products have completed Cybersecurity (CS) and Interoperability (IO) certification.

The scope of the DoDIN APL is determined by the Unified Capabilities Requirements (UCR) document. The UCR “specifies the technical requirements for certification of approved commercial products to be used in DoD networks to provide end-to-end Unified Capabilities (UC), so that all components of the network are connected and working together”.

Thales TCT DoDIN APL Certified Solutions

Thales TCT’s Network Encryption solutions encrypt data-in-transit across DoD Networks. Thales TCT’s Network Encryption solutions are DoDIN APL certified as Fixed Network Elements.

Thales TCT Solutions for DoD

In addition to our DoDIN APL certified Network Encryption solutions that protect data across the network, Thales TCT also offers solutions that can protect and control access to DoD’s most sensitive data-at-rest.

The scope of the DoDIN APL is limited to specific types of devices as described in the UCR. Thales TCT offers multiple solutions that are outside the scope of these requirements and therefore DoDIN certification is not required for these products to be used on DoD networks.

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