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CTO Sessions Webcast: A Guide to BYOK and HYOK for AWS, Azure, Google, Oracle and More


Cloud Security Alliance best practices require that keys be stored and managed outside of the cloud service provider and the associated encryption operations. Cloud Service Providers therefore offer Bring Your Own Key (BYOK) or Hold Your Own Key (HYOK) services to enable customer control of the keys used to encrypt their data. Customer control of the keys allows for the separation, creation, ownership and control, including revocation, of encryption keys or tenant secrets used to create the keys.

Watch a replay of this webinar  to learn how to control cloud encryption keys for deployments in AWS/AWS GovCloud, Google Cloud, Azure/Azure for Government, Oracle, and more. Thales TCT’s Cloud Security Expert will discuss how to:

  • Leverage the value of BYOK and HYOK services with full-lifecycle cloud encryption key management
  • Gain higher efficiency with centralized key management across hybrid, single- and multi-cloud environments, including key discovery, management of native cloud keys and automated key rotation
  • Comply with the most stringent data protection mandates with secure key origination
  • Amplify the benefits of native keys by using a robust multi-cloud platform with outstanding UI