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Solution Brief: Top 10 Reasons to Migrate to the CipherTrust Data Security Platform For Vormetric Customers


You relied on the Vormetric DSM platform over many years to provide centralized key management and data protection throughout your enterprise — on premises and in public clouds. To stay a step ahead of dynamic cybersecurity threats and protect your investments, Thales delivered the next generation of data security — the CipherTrust Data Security Platform (CDSP).

CDSP combines the strengths of two industry-leading data protection companies, SafeNet and Vormetric, supports a comprehensive set of use cases that you already rely on, manages cloud-native keys painlessly, and offers several new capabilities to keep pace with the latest innovations.

CDSP increases efficiency by enabling you to do more with fewer resources. You can manage your keys with a single pane of glass and rely on a centralized audit trail to meet data protection compliance mandates that are becoming more stringent. Next generation data protection increases efficiency and spans more environments, systems, applications, processes and users. The CipherTrust Data Security Platform is centered around a key and policy manager, CipherTrust Manager (CM), that centralizes access to the portfolio of data protection Connectors and an ecosystem of partner integrations.

As the central management point for CDSP, CM simplifies key lifecycle management tasks for all of your encryption keys. CM manages secure key generation, backup/restore, clustering, deactivation, deletion, and access to Connectors and partner integrations that support a variety of use cases (e.g., data discovery, data-at-rest encryption, enterprise key management, cloud key management.) CM can be deployed on premises, in clouds
or in hybrid environments.

This brief captures the major reasons for current Vormetric customers to migrate to the new CipherTrust Data Security Platform now.