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CTO Sessions: Quantum Resistant Security

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Quantum computing’s impact is likely to be large—the potential computational power could render today’s encryption algorithms obsolete. The White Hous...

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The Dual Faces of Quantum Computing: Opportunities and Threats in National Security


This interview originally appeared on Innovation in Government from DoDIIS In an engaging interview with Francis Rose, Gina Scinta, Deputy CTO of Thal...

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CTO Sessions Webcast: Word on the Street – 2024’s Top Tech Trends


Buzzword tracking is overwhelming. From AI to Quantum, it can be challenging for federal agencies to stay on top of the latest trends and understand h...

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White Paper: Quantum Resistant Code Signing Secured by Hardware Security Modules


Stateful hash-based signature (HBS) schemes are digital signature schemes believed to be resistant to the threat posed by a cryptographically relevant...

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CTO Sessions On Demand: Are You Quantum Ready?


Despite large-scale quantum computing being several years away from being a practical reality, federal government experts are deservedly concerned abo...

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Quantum Enhanced Keys Solution Brief


Learn more about Quantum Enhanced Keys.

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