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CTO Sessions: Quantum Resistant Security


Quantum computing’s impact is likely to be large—the potential computational power could render today’s encryption algorithms obsolete. The White House’s NSM on Quantum states that “America must start the lengthy process of updating our IT infrastructure today to protect against this quantum computing threat tomorrow.”

Both the NSM and the Quantum Computing Cybersecurity Preparedness Act place similar emphasis on need for crypto-agile applications, hardware, and software. Keep in mind that even if a crypto-analytically relevant quantum computer is a decade away, bad actors can take note of potential vulnerabilities now, and exploit them later.

Featured Speaker, Gina Scinta, provided a brief overview of the quantum threat and current initiatives within government and industry designed to mitigate the associated risks. Lastly, our featured speaker discussed key factors to consider when preparing for a quantum-safe encryption strategy.

  • Know your risks – Learn how long-term data is subject to early attacks and about key initiatives that address the quantum threat
  • Focus on crypto agility – Learn what to look for in a quantum-resistant crypto solution
  • Start today – Learn how to design a quantum resistant architecture

Watch a replay of this webcast to learn how to start the transition to quantum-safe cryptography.