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CTO Sessions On Demand: Securing the Convergence of HPC and AI in the Enterprise


High-performance computing (HPC) has long expanded from research labs to commercial use. Computational modeling and simulation along with high-performance data analytics using HPC systems are prevalent in industries from the design and manufacturing of aircrafts to consumer goods, life sciences, energy, and financial services.

The emergence of artificial intelligence (AI) and its symbiotic relationship with HPC has augmented traditional methods for modeling and analysis. HPC plus AI is HPC workloads using AI and AI workloads using HPC. It leverages the significant technological advancements in GPUs, ML frameworks, neural network architectures, networking, and storage protocols and solutions. This confluence is merging in the enterprise data center requiring adherence to standards around management and security.

The benefit from the convergence of these technological advancements appear limitless leading to bigger, better, and faster data analytics. From mission simulations to the collection and analysis of huge volumes of intelligence data, it is paramount that the data generated and stored by HPC and the evolving enterprise is properly secured.

The inaugural edition of Thales TCT and Carahsoft’s CTO Sessions webcast series taught attendees about the convergence of Enterprise HPC and security. Thales TCT & Panasas tech experts discussed:

  • Advancement in HPC plus AI
  • How storage solutions can inherently adapt and scale meeting the demands of HPC, AI, and the enterprise
  • How to apply data security best practices without compromising performance