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About Intercede

Intercede® is a cybersecurity company specializing in digital identities, derived credentials and access control, enabling digital trust in a mobile world. Headquartered in the UK, with offices in the US, and APAC resources, we believe in a connected world in which people and technology are free to exchange information securely, and complex, insecure passwords become a thing of the past.

Our vision is to make the highest levels of cybersecurity available to organizations and consumers alike, solving complexity and scalability issues by managing high volumes of digital credentials. We’ve been delivering trusted solutions to high profile customers for over 20 years. Our team of experts has deployed millions of identities to governments, most of the largest aerospace and defense corporations, and major financial services and healthcare organizations, as well as leading telecommunications, cloud services and information technology firms, providing industry-leading employee and customer credential management systems.


Intercede’s MyID identification solution allows issuance and management of trusted credentials to smart cards, tablets and mobile devices. By using Thales TCT’s SC650 smart cards, Intercede’s U.S. federal government customers can take advantage of the most secure and trusted certificate-based smart card available today.