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On Demand Webinar: Complementing Splunk: Balancing Big Data Benefits & Big Risks


Federal agencies require a simple way to correlate all security-relevant data so they can manage their security posture. Instead of merely watching events after they occur, agencies should anticipate their occurrence and implement measures to limit vulnerabilities in real time. For that, agencies need an analytics-driven SIEM platform such as Splunk.

However, once data is correlated by SEIM tools, it becomes extremely valuable. By integrating an encryption and key management solution such as CipherTrust Data Security Platform with Splunk, agencies can ensure that their operational intelligence is protected from surreptitious attacks.

Attendees learned how to protect Splunk indexes and provide enhanced visibility on the processes and users who are accessing protected data.

This webinar addressed topics such as:

  • Identifying anomalous process and user access patterns for investigation
  • Enabling data-at-rest encryption and privileged user access controls
  • Centralizing administration of encryption keys and data security policies
  • Collecting security intelligence logs without change to applications, databases or infrastructure