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On Demand Webinar: Rapid Protection for Teradata Database and Big Data Environments


Teradata databases and big data analytics enable agencies to leverage information to fuel improved decisions, services, and results. However, Teradata-powered environments can bring together a wide range of data repositories—including those that contain sensitive assets. Without proper protections, these sensitive assets can inadvertently be exposed by privileged administrators, or be the target of theft by malicious insiders and external attackers.

Download a replay to learn how to secure your agency’s Teradata databases and big data environments. The session will discuss how to:

  • Centrally manage encryption across your Teradata environments—including the Teradata database and Teradata Appliance for Hadoop
  • Enforce granular controls to enable administrators to perform operational tasks, without accessing sensitive data
  • Centrally manage encryption keys and policies
  • Boost security without compromising the value of big data analytics
  • Establish protections against cyberattacks and abuse by privileged users
  • Reduce costs and administrative overhead relative to other data protection solutions for Teradata