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Thales TCT Launches New Compact Cryptographic Key Management Platform

Thales TCT Launches New Compact Cryptographic Key Management Platform

Designed for Small to Medium Sized Deployments, CipherTrust k160 extends the best-in-class security features of the CipherTrust Data Security Platform to Environments at the Edge

September 6, 2022

Thales Trusted Cyber Technologies (TCT), a trusted U.S. based source for cyber security solutions, today announced the launch of its new compact cryptographic key management platform, CipherTrust k160. CipherTrust k160 protects and manages cryptographic keys and associated policies used to encrypt the most sensitive data-at-rest. CipherTrust k160’s small form factor allows it to be easily deployed in any environment while still providing the best-in-class security features customers are accustomed to finding in the CipherTrust product family.

CipherTrust k160 includes a FIPS certified token or a high assurance cryptographic token as its hardware root of trust. The token hardware security module (HSM) operates as a secure root of trust by encrypting all sensitive objects (e.g., keys, certificates, etc.) in CipherTrust k160 with keys that are generated by, and reside in, the token HSM. The removable token HSM provides an easy-to-use method to support common key management scenarios such as rapid key delivery disablement, key destruction, cryptographic erase, and time of use restrictions. By simply removing the detachable token you can keep mission-critical data safe, whether in the most hazardous environment or a remote branch office.

With common security features, user interfaces, and reporting mechanisms across the entire CipherTrust product family, agencies can leverage their investment in training, security evaluations, and compliance procedures to deploy core-level cryptographic key management capabilities to the edge using the CipherTrust k160.

CipherTrust k160 is commonly deployed as a cost-effective solution in the following environments:

  • Small data storage deployments
  • Branch and remote offices
  • Tactical deployments including forward deployed environments, forward operating bases, mobile command centers, forward mission operations
  • Disaster recovery centers
  • Remote, lights-out, non-managed facilities
  • Lab or proof of concept deployment

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