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Centrally manage your agency's data security environment

The Vormetric Data Security Manager (DSM) is the central management point for all Vormetric Data Security Platform products. The DSM not only creates, stores and manages the encryption keys that protect data, it also enables agencies to manage every aspect of their Vormetric data security platform implementation. DSM allows administrators to specify data access policies, administer DSM users and logical domains, generate usage reports, register new hosts, access security logs, manage third-party keys, digital certificates and more. Moreover, as organizations need data security management in concert with their other infrastructure, the DSM also provides integration capabilities with multiple APIs and a command line interface as well as a simple graphical user interface (GUI) operation.

Vormetric Data Security Platform from Thales CPL is available for sale to the U.S. Federal Government exclusively through Thales TCT.

  • Benefits

    Lower TCO
    One, centrally managed data security platform that delivers comprehensive data security solutions.

    Data Security
    Moving security to the data itself is more effective protection because it minimizes the potential for any surreptitious access.

    Data Security Platform capabilities such as encryption, access control, audit logs and key management satisfy data security requirements across many government, industry and corporate mandates.

  • Specifications
    Policy and Key Management
    FIPS 140-2 compliant virtual appliance or hardware appliance

    Supported Environments
    Physical Server, Virtual Server, Public-Private-Hybrid Cloud, Big Data, Container

    Encryption Techniques
    Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), Format Preserving Encryption (FPE), Granular Database, Transparent File-level

    Data Pseudonymization Techniques
    Cryptographic Tokenization, Random Tokenization, Dynamic Data Masking, Static Data Masking, Batch Transformation

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