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CTO Sessions Webcast: Thales TCT + Imperva Trusted End-to-End Data Security

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Ongoing government-wide zero trust implementations exemplify the fact that traditional end-point and perimeter-based security are not enough to protec...

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CTO Sessions: Quantum-Resistant Code Signing


Stateful hash-based signature (HBS) schemes are digital signature schemes believed to be resistant to the threat posed by a cryptographically relevant...

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CTO Sessions: Quantum Resistant Security

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Quantum computing’s impact is likely to be large—the potential computational power could render today’s encryption algorithms obsolete. The White Hous...

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CTO Sessions Webcast: Word on the Street – 2024’s Top Tech Trends


Buzzword tracking is overwhelming. From AI to Quantum, it can be challenging for federal agencies to stay on top of the latest trends and understand h...

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CTO Sessions On Demand Webcast: Everything You Need to Know About Phishing-Resistant MFA


Without secure, enterprise-managed identity systems, adversaries can take over user accounts and gain a foothold in an agency to steal data or launch ...

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CTO Sessions Webcast: A Guide to BYOK and HYOK for AWS, Azure, Google, Oracle and More


Cloud Security Alliance best practices require that keys be stored and managed outside of the cloud service provider and the associated encryption ope...

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CTO Sessions Webcast On Demand: AI & Cybersecurity


This CTO Sessions Webcast is all about the elephant in the room—Artificial Intelligence! Rather than sifting through another article, we think it’s ti...

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CTO Sessions Webcast On Demand: Network Encryption Boot Camp – A Guide to Network Encryption from the Core to the Cloud to the Edge

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High speed networks are the critical foundation that supports many of an agency’s most vital communications and operations. However, this foundation i...

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CTO Sessions Webcast On Demand: HSM Boot Camp – A Guide to HSM Deployments from the Core to the Cloud to the Edge

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Thales TCT’s Luna T-Series Hardware Security Modules (HSMs) can be deployed either in the cloud as-a-service, on-premises, or across hybrid environmen...

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CTO Sessions Webcast On Demand: Deliver Secure Hyper-Converged Infrastructure Solutions


With the growing number of digital transformation initiatives, hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) has emerged as a simple, cost-effective solution. ...

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