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CTO Sessions Webcast: A Guide to BYOK and HYOK for AWS, Azure, Google, Oracle and More


Cloud Security Alliance best practices require that keys be stored and managed outside of the cloud service provider and the associated encryption ope...

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Thales Security Solutions for Google Workspace


Enhanced Privacy and Confidentiality using Google Workspace Client-side encryption and Thales Data and Identity Protection

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CTO Sessions On Demand: Protecting Your Data in Their Cloud


Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) emphasize the shared responsibility model for securing data in the cloud and meeting compliance requirements for inform...

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White Paper: The Case for Centralized Multicloud Encryption Key Management


Cloud consumers face a choice: using the cloud service provider’s (CSP) encryption or bringing their own encryption. Cloud providers make their native...

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Microsoft Azure Advanced Data Protection Solution Brief


Learn how Thales TCT integrates with Microsoft Azure for Advanced Data Protection

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Solution Brief: Best Security Practices for milCloud Data Migration


Securing data in the cloud properly requires that data owners own—and can prove that they own—their data, from inception to deletion. That means that ...

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CipherTrust Cloud Key Manager Product Brief


Learn more about CipherTrust Cloud Key Manager.

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White Paper: Best Practices for Secure Cloud Migration


This white paper is intended to aid readers in forming a cloud security strategy and data migration plane when adopting public cloud services. Please ...

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