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ManageAKV Release Announcement

ManageAKV Release Announcement

As cloud service providers such as Microsoft roll out new services at a staggering rate, customers must take advantage of these capabilities while still fulfilling their obligation to “own the data” by securing the data with encryption and cloud independent key management. Now, customers can leverage the encryption capabilities built into the Microsoft cloud while using SafeNet AT KeySecure for Government to manage and maintain ownership of their encryption keys.

Using the ProtectApp APIs supported by KeySecure for Government and Azure Key Vault, SafeNet AT has developed a reference tool called SafeNet AT ManageAKV that implements the integration between KeySecure for Government and Azure Key Vault. The ManageAKV tool securely authenticates to KeySecure for Government (using the ProtectApp Java/JCE SDK) and Azure (using the Azure APIs) and is used as the secure conduit to issue commands to KeySecure for Government and Azure Key Vault related to the management of customer managed keys.

The ManageAKV tool is provided as part of ProtectApp JCE.

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