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About RackTop Systems

> RackTop Systems is the pioneer of CyberConvergedTM data security, a new market that fuses data storage with advanced security and compliance into a single platform. Its high-performance Network-Attached Storage (NAS) platform with embedded security, compliance and encryption empowers both government and commercial organizations by protecting data where it resides without the cost, complexity and security vulnerabilities of traditional bolt-on software solutions. Headquartered in Fulton, Md., RackTop was founded in 2010 by veterans of the U.S. intelligence community who have been solving the most complex data and security problems for more than two decades. RackTop’s technology has been deployed at numerous organizations in a variety of industries worldwide, including government/DoD/public sector, media/advertising and entertainment, financial services, health care, higher education and life sciences. For more information, visit and follow on Twitter @RackTop.



KeySecure for Government integrates with BrickStor to provide hardened and full life cycle management of the Key Encryption Keys used by the Brickstor NAS platform.


  • RackTop BrickStor and KeySecure for Government

    KeySecure for Government, a dedicated and disparate enterprise key manager, simplifies the management of encryption keys across the entire lifecycle including secure key generation, storage and backup, key distribution, rotation, deactivation and deletion.

    BrickStor utilizes KeySecure for Government to store and protect the Key Encryption Keys (KEKs) used within the cryptographic architecture. The KEKs are used to encrypt the Data Encryption Keys (DEKs) that are in turn used to encrypt the actual data. Both the DEKs used by the SEDs to encrypt at the drive level and the DEKs used by BrickStor to encrypt at the dataset level are secured by the KEKs that are stored externally on KeySecure for Government. In the event that BrickStor is rebooted, the KEKs must be retrieved from the key manager before the data becomes accessible. In the event of compromise, administrators can quickly use KeySecure for Government to deny access to involved keys without destroying them. 

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