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KeySecure for Government 8.12.1 Release Announcement

KeySecure for Government 8.12.1 is now available. This release specifically addresses an issue found in release 8.12.0 concerning the SafeNet Virtual KeySecure G350v connected to a Remote HSM, both VMWare and AWS. It was discovered that after successfully registering a G350v to a remote HSM, object such as Keys, Local CAs, Certificates and Cluster Keys cannot be created. SafeNet AT strongly recommends implementing release 8.12.1 for VMWare instead of release 8.12.0 to forestall any possible issues with remote HSM functionality. Customers who use G350v on AWS should remain on version 8.11.0. This ONLY effects Virtual KeySecure G350vs that are registered to a Remote HSM. All other KeySecure platforms (G460 and G160) are NOT affected, nor are G350vs that do not register to a Remote HSM. If you are NOT using a Remote HSM then release 8.12.0 may be used for G350v (VMWare or AWS).

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